From Tenerife to Bermuda (stations 1 to 57B)

After exploring Tenerife for a few days they travelled to Sombrero (Lesser Antilles) and to the Virgin Islands. The ship anchored at St Thomas (one of the Virgin Islands) on 16 March 1873 and remained here until 24 March 1873 where they collected material in shallow water using a steam pinnace and collected on shore. Moseley, a naturalist on board the ship, talks of ground spiders, ants, humming birds and chitons that inhabited the island.
From St Thomas the ship’s journey continues on to Bermuda, on to Halifax, Canada and back to Bermuda again. They stayed at Bermuda between 4-23 April and again from 28 May to 13 June. Again, the crew collected material on shore and in shallow water. Moseley paid a lot of attention to the sand, caves, crabs and corals as he investigated the island.