Crinoid (Poecilometra acoela)


Synonyms: Antedon acoela

Notes: Two specimens at the bottom of a rectangular glass jar. The specimens are white/off white in colour and have long thread like appendages. There is also some brown staining on the specimens. The specimens are no longer attached to the black board inside the jar and therefore it is not possible to tell what the specimens would have looked like mounted. A brown piece of material is tied around the glass jar. Placed loose on top of the jar is a black label with white writing on it 'Antedon accela'. Typed in black ink on an off white label on the bottom of the black one is 'From Trustees, Brit. Mus. "Challenger Coll"'. Hand written in pencil on white paper inside the jar is 'Antedon (accela?) Chall Coll. There is no liquid left inside the jar the specimens are completely dry and are no longer attached to the board and some appendages have fallen off. They are in bad condition.