Cnidarian (Renilla reniformis (Sea pansy))


Notes: Five specimens attached to a black board placed inside a rectangular glass jar. The specimens have pinky/lilac tinge to them. The largest specimen is in the centre of the board. At the bottom of the jar there is a small amount of fluff/spider web-like structure. The bottom left hand specimen is loose and moves when the jar is moved. Attached to the outside of the glass jar is a black label attached to a brown piece of material tied around the glass jar. Hand written in white ink on the label is 'Renilla reniformis OFF MONTE VIDEO. [Station 321]'. Typed in black ink on an off white label on the bottom of the black one is 'From Trustees, Brit. Mus. "Challenger Coll."' Hand written in pencil on white paper inside the jar is 'Renilla reniformis No (?Sta) 321 Chall. Coll.' There is no liquid left inside the jar and the specimens are completely dry.