Brittle star (Ophiura species)


Synonyms: Ophioglypha sp.

Notes: Three specimens attached to a black board inside a rectangular glass jar. The specimens are cream/off white in colour. The top specimen on the left hand side of the board displays the top side of the specimen. The specimen on the right hand side of the board and at the bottom of the board display the underside of the specimen. Each specimen has five appendages. There is a fourth specimen at the bottom of the jar which is just the body (no appendages) with two wires sticking out of it. This may have been attached to one of the other specimens at some point? Hand written in pencil on white paper inside the jar is 'ophioflypha Chall Coll.' The jar is almost full of liquid. Half of the top specimen and parts of the appendages of the right hand specimen are not covered by liquid. The specimens are in good condition.