mollusc (Mimachlamys asperrima (gold-mouthed turban))


Notes: An original label glued to the face of the specimen box, has an ink handwritten label stating: "962. Chall. Esp./Pecten asperrimus, Lamm./Off E. Moncoeur Isl Bass St.". 962 corresponds to an entry in the Catalogue of the Conchological Collections in the Perth Museum, by Henry Coates, FSA, dated 1925 (p64). .A Pre-printed label states "Challenger" Expedition" and "Pres. by Brit. Mus: Nov.99." Handwritten pencil name in centre states "Pecten asperrimus, Lamm./Off E. Moncoeur Isl Bass St.,/38 fath". The pencil number "10" refers to the entry received from the British Museum in the Accession Register 1884.54.26. Another specimen (Acc No: 2016.03) from Bass Strait is numbered "1677" - and refers to an entry in 'Coates' above.