Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

Microscope slides of sediment
Microscope slides of sediment

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History cares for at least 17 specimens from the HMS Challenger (1872-76) voyage – some may not be documented.

HMS Challenger and Yale Peabody

Specimens arrived at the museum from a variety of sources

  • Fragments of type specimens transferred by the Trustees of the British Museum (now Natural History Museum, London)
  • Transfers from the Gray Museum

About the Yale Peabody Museum

The mission of the Peabody Museum is to serve Yale University by advancing understanding of earth’s history through geological, biological, and anthropological research, and by communicating the results of this research to the widest possible audience through publication, exhibition, and educational programs. 

Fundamental to this mission is stewardship of the Museum’s rich collections, which provide a remarkable record of the history of the earth, its life, and its cultures. Conservation, augmentation and use of these collections become increasingly urgent as modern threats to the diversity of life and culture continue to intensify.

The collections can be searched online

Using Yale Peabody’s data

Permission has been given to use specimen information and photographs in accordance with the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 licence.


For enquiries relating to the collections please email the museum.

A selection of Yale Peabody’s Challenger specimens