Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum has 23 specimens from HMS Challenger (1872-76) voyage in its collections. They were collected in waters off Canada, USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and many others.

About Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

Museums Worcestershire comprises three fantastic venues – The County Museum at Hartlebury Castle, Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum and the Commandery.

Wider collections

The wide variety of objects in the collections at the City Museums and Art Gallery have been acquired steadily over the past 150 years, and are still being added to today. The Natural History and Geology collections are at the heart of the Museum, being based on the collections of the Victorian Worcestershire Natural History Society. Important local material is preserved alongside objects from around the world. There are local associations with many of the objects from around the world in the mainly nineteenth century Ethnology collection. The people and historic environment of the City of Worcester from prehistoric times to the present day are reflected in the collections of Archaeology and Social History objects. The Art collections include local and historical material, as well as important contemporary works.
The City Museums and Art Gallery are also home to the collections of the Worcestershire Regiment and the Worcestershire Yeomanry Cavalry.


Russell Dornan wrote a blog post on his work with this collection.

Using Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum’s data

Permission has been given to use specimen information and photos in accordance with the HMS Challenger Project IR Statement.


Please email Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum with enquires about the collection.

A selection of Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum’s Challenger specimens