Other Organisations

There are other museums with HMS Challenger specimens or artefacts in their collections. Participating institutions either answered a call on the Natural Sciences Collections Association jiscmail or were found by searching for HMS Challenger material on Google. 

Australian Museum, Sydney

  • The museum has molluscs from the voyage

Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa

The Canadian Museum of Nature has a small number of specimens including:

  • Diatomaceous ooze, SW Australia, Watson & Sons. Arrived at the museum via Institute of Parasitology at McGill University
  • CMNI 1900-0736 – dry sample of the bryozoan Caberea lata from the Arafura Sea, which was previously in the collections of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Horniman Museum and Gardens

  • The Horniman has a collections of Ethnographic objects from the voyage.

Natural History Society of Northumbria / Great North Museum

Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford

  • The Pitt Rivers Museum has a large collection of ethnographic artefacts from the voyage. These can be searched for online (search for ‘Challenger’ under ‘Field Collector’)

Sheffield Weston Park Museum

  • The museum has a small amount of Challenger material, collated by Margaret Gatty and her daughter Horatia. It was given to her by Busk who was originally employed to describe the Bryozoa from the expedition.


  • Archival material and specimens. Collections can be searched online.

University Museum of Bergen (Zoology)

  • The museum has molluscs from the voyage

It’s not too late – get involved

If your organisation has specimens and would like to be involved please contact RAMM for more information.